From the future to the past

After the digital approach to curriculum explored in ‘EDC101 – Living & Learning in a Digital World’, I find myself exploring the history of schooling in the first few weeks of ‘EDC111 – Exploring & Contesting Curriculum’. Understanding the influences in schooling and curriculum in my own education has been encouraged, and I find myself fondly recalling memories of the mid-primary years of schooling. Perhaps this suggests that certain phases of childhood are better windows of opportunity for learning, or maybe the consistency of the same teacher and curriculum has been an influence on greater learning? This reflects the 2003 research of Marsh & Willis, that curriculum plans and experiences are interrelated but vary considerably (p. 13).

Screenshot 2014-06-07 20.18.22


Marsh, C. & Willis, G. (2003). Curriculum: alternative approaches/ongoing issues. Merrill/Prentice Hall. Upper Saddle River, N.J.


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